We are a family owned local business in Boise since 2002. Our culture, heritage, and history are our guiding principles. We always celebrate Indian festivals and events. At our store, you can always find out about the various Indian events taking place in the Boise area. Following a traditional Indian lifestyle and cooking practices, our store inherits the essence of Hindu culture, values, and influences.

We partner with Indian companies throughout the United States, to provide our customers with authentic ingredients for a large variety of Asian cooking. Every week, we strive to provide fresh vegetables essential to traditional Indian recipes and everyday cooking.

As a cornerstone of the Indian community in Boise, we contribute groceries, donations, and publicize various Indian events and Hindu festivals. With your help, we continue to support the Boise Hare Krishna Temple and Vedic Cultural Center and spread knowledge about our culture and values. We love being a part of the Boise community and watching it grow into such a beautiful and accepting area. Thank you for all of your support and we hope to see you soon!

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